Sunday, November 1, 2009

Relationship Blues

After a fun weekend Monday morning will be here all to fast, for the people still looking for work be of calm heart for the job market will improve, when is anybodies guess, I hope soon before all is lost. Lest we forget the government caused the mess we are in by forcing the banks to lower their credit standards so more people could buy houses, many of those people had no hope of repaying loans and still the government forced our banks to make bad loans, so don`t expect the government to bail you out. Sad state of affairs.
Everything is not bleak, sure there are companies folding up every week and the gov is trying to take more control of the free market system everyday, for those of us in a good solid relationship we will make it thru, how is a day to day task but we are Free American Citizens and we will overcome anything that gets in our path to maintain a strong family relationship, the backbone of any free society. Not letting the economic situation effect our relationship with our partner takes some doing but it is possible.
Asking for help in these trying times is hard on most people, we shouldn`t let pride get in the way of taking care of our loved ones, many organizations are here to help at this time. So many people are in this boat that it seems at times that we will never see the light of day, we will, keep in touch.

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