Sunday, November 8, 2009

Relationship Blues

Talked with Mom a little while ago and she can`t make it to Ft Worth next weekend, my stepdad is in failing health and she feels she should stay home and take care of him. She hasn`t seen one of her great grandkids yet and is broken up about the situation. That`s all part of life, deciding what we are able to do and missing out on things we would like to do. It breaks your heart to plan on a trip to see family and the trip not work out. Everyone understands the situation, that doesn`t help your feeling the way you do. Maybe sometime soon she will be able to take a trip and see her grandson and great grandkids.
We plan on making the trip to Ft Worth, no one knows how the future will turn out, we can only do so much then the rest is not in our hands, keep in touch.

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