Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Relationship Blues

What the people in Washington do has a direct influence on our personal relationships, when the gov makes decisions that run down our economy we will have access to less money, money that we should be using to take care of our family. This healthcare bill is a disaster for the economy, it will put more people out of work and raise taxes so high the people that are working are not going to have enough money left over after taxes to maintain a decent standard of living.
If you are a follower of Michael Moore and agree that even Cuba has a better healthcare system than us you should open your eyes before it is to late. Cuba just last year allowed 900 microwave ovens to be distributed to the common people because the Cuban gov was afraid there would be civil unrest if everyone in the country was allowed to own a microwave oven for their personal use. That`s the kind of stuff that will occur in this country if we give control of our economic system to the federal gov. Some central ofice of the Fed will decide what is best for the workers in America. Make no mistake about it `workers` is the term used by people like Hillary Clinton to describe the citizens of America.
The people in this country that believe that only the government can solve the problems we face are in for a suprise, gov involvement in a free market only makes the economy harder to improve. 10.2 percent unemployment and the Washington folks want to add programs that will increase our taxes, that`s really good for America.
I have faith that calmer heads will prevail and stop the ever increasing lunacy coming from Washington, keep in touch.

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