Thursday, November 12, 2009

Relationship Blues

This weekend we were going to take a weekend trip to Dallas to attend my nephews new church dedication, figured out we couldn`t because I was laid off in July and the money just isn`t there, we were really heart broken about not being able to see family. With 10.2 percent unemployment and more people losing their jobs every week we have to wonder just what the goverment is doing to improve the economic condition of the country.
The Fed Govt has given billions of dollars to a few companies and it hasn`t helped any, we can see that the peoples money has been wasted, it would have been cheaper on the taxpayer and better for the economy if our tax money was used to just pay off the houses that were lost and let the govt hold the paper on the house until the govt was paid back. The govt could have set low enough monthly payments that the whole amount could have been paid back and no one would have lost their home.The way the fed govt did it the taxpayer money will never be paid back, how crazy is that?
What do we expect from a President that is not letting Christmas be about Christmas, no Christmas tree at the Whitehouse this year, a Holiday tree instead, a bunch of bull if you ask me. All the people that voted for a change, hope you enjoy it.
Saw a picture of the first lady wearing a 500 dollar pair of sneakers to a photoshoot at a homeless shelter, the gaul of these people. 100 dollar a pound beef from overseas served at their dinners, what more do we have to have thrown in our face to prove they have contempt for the working men and women of America. We need to wake up, keep in touch.

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