Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Relationship Blues

Keeping up with all the evil things being reported in the news makes you wonder if all the end of times signs are happening at this time like alot of people are saying. If this is the time, we must prepare for it the way the good book says, getting straight with our maker is very important, if all is well in your soul then your worries will be few.
The case of the murder-rapest in Cleveland lets us know the race relations situation in this country has a long way to go when you talk about the police departments in this country. One of the victims had family that went to the police and the police told them that since she was known to be a drug addict they weren`t even going to file a missing persons report. The family searched for her on their own and found her car four blocks from the killers house. It is pretty obvious that if you are black in America the police treat you as second class citizens, that kind of thinking has no place in America, especially in a government agency, but time after time we see the results of the police when they deal with black America.
Its hard enough on a relationship with the poor economic outlook these days without having to worry about the stress of your color making a difference when it comes to equal protection under the law.
There is good and bad in every segment of the population in America, maybe after a little more time the race barrier will be removed, for now it seems it still stands, keep in touch.

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