Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Your words can get you in alot of trouble if you speak in the heat of the moment. We should have a time delay before we speak when we are upset like they do on live radio, it sure would help to keep us out of hot water with our partner. Words thrown out when you are angry can never be unspoke, how we wish they could be.
   These times in our relationships cause harm untold, when we utter mean things to our partner it is usually a buildup of lots of  little things in our lives that go unchecked. We are emotion driven creatures and once our emotions run wild it seems we have no control.
   Feeling regret after  mean words are spoken has to be taken one step further and put into action, we have to tell our partner how deeply sorry we are for having said the things we said. It will not replace the hurt those words caused but it may start us on the road to forgiveness, keep in touch.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Watched a Sally Field and James Garner movie last night, good movie, in the end he got the girl saying he was a faithful man. We have all been thru relationships where that is not the case, having a faithful partner we know we can trust is like a cool drink of water on a hot day, man that`s good.
   Keeping our partner first in all we do goes a long way in the straying department. When we start paying more attention to everything else in our lives than what is going on with our partner things start to go downhill in our relationship and can spiral down so fast pretty soon we have lost what we want the most.
   We have to take time every day to notice our partner and make sure they know how important they are to us, kind words, a touch, a helping hand, easy things to do but very important, keep in touch. 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Relationship Blues keep in touch

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Hope all went well the weekend, mine did. Not enough time to do it all. Today my partner took the day and did what she does when she needs some time apart, missed her company but everyone needs some time to themselves.
  We should pay attention to our partners, then we will notice the many swings we all have and let them flow. Being apart for a short time and knowing we miss our partner when they are gone helps keep us on track, keep in touch.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Relationship Blues

  It`s cool enough now to open the windows and let some fresh air in. Our relationship with our partner needs a little fresh air once in a while too.
   Doing the same things day in and day out can get pretty boring, we should try new things with our partner and see what works, keep in touch.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Half way thru the week already, time flies at an ever increasing speed. Heading into fall in most places, then the cold winter is upon us.
    With summer almost over we get a chance to look back and see if we are happy about what we have accomplished during the summer. Probably got alot done but did we work on making our partner as happy as we could have. We do some things right but others, well, should have thought some of that stuff thru a little more, keep in touch.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Relationship Blues

   My partner is already asleep, a little restless tonight, does`nt happen often but there you go. In the quiet of the night you have a chance to reflect on things, watching my partner sleep gives me a good feeling, all must be well.
   Already into the work week that part just repeats itself, our relationship with our partner gets better with time, having history with someone gives us time to refleck back on all the things we have been thru, good and bad, we usually remember the good more.
   Time keeps rolling and with a partner to share the passing of it our lives take on meaning, keep in touch.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Keep in Touch-

Relationship Blues

    Today was my birthday and we went to a nice place, great evening. My partner always makes a big deal out of birthdays, kind of nice she does.
    It shouldn`t take a special occasion to let your partner know how you feel about them, anytime is a good time. Having a great partner does`nt mean that our relationship is great all the time, we have our days, we try not to let the low time last very long. Being there and keeping steady during the low moments is part of life, when everything is back on track we will be thankful we hung in there, keep in touch.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Relationship Blues

  The weekend is almost over and then it`s back to work we go, enjoying your job makes a big difference in wheather or not you look forward to Monday morning, I look forward to Mondays, a chance to excell at work and be proud of a job well done.
     When we look at our relationship with our partner we should be proud of it too, hard work at our job means more financial rewards, the time and energy we put into our relationship with our partner brings a much better reward to our lives.
   Tonight we have a chance to show our partner just how much they mean to us, keep in touch.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Relationship Blues

  Friday night, the best time of the work week, forget about the stress our jobs put in our lives and spend time with the people we love. Tonight is very important in a relationship, it will set the mood for the rest of the weekend. Whatever has gone on with our jobs in the last five days is on hold until Monday, thinking about all that will disrupt the time we have with our partners.
          In our hectic lives we often overlook the person who is always by our side thru it all, tonight we have to make sure our partner knows how we feel, an extra hug, kiss, or smile is a great way to start the weekend, keep in touch.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Relationship Blues

     75 degrees here today, last month this time it was 105, global warming I guess. Like our relationships we can go from hot to cold quick sometimes, that doesn`t mean our partner has finished with us for good it`s just that we have let our thoughts run on another train. Now is the time to be steady in your part of the relationship not cause confussion in it by trying to get to the bottom of whats going on until your partner is ready to let you in on it.
   Your partner needs to know that you are always there no matter what, just being there is enough sometimes, keep in touch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Relationship Blues

  Just finished watching ` Grand Torino` with Clint Eastwood, great movie, he wasn`t like he has been in his movies that I like best, he was better. At the start of a relationship it`s a lot of action, fast and furious, just plain energy. After a length of time things will slow down, not exactly what we planned but so it goes.
    We try to keep things active with our partner but start finding ways to avoid spending the energy on it, big mistake, if we always keep in mind how important our partner is in our lives we will always discover little ways to show them just how important they are to us, keep in touch

Relationship Blues

  Hump-day, half-time, God I`m glad it`s almost over day, whatever you call it it`s here. So far we have`nt accomplished everything we had hoped but at least we got some of the stuff done. Giving it the old college try works with most things in our lives but in a relationship almost just isn`t good enough.
    Every day we can find something kind and good in our partner and we should let them know how much it means to have them in our lives. Our lives will not slow down and let us have the time freely to notice how great of a partner we have so we must put the breaks on once in a while and show our partner just how much them being in our lives really means. Flowers, gifts, both good but the best way to show that person is to just tell them that you are glad they chose you to be with, keep in touch

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Rainy days, I love them, the rain refreshes the ground and keeps life flowing. Perfect day to spend some time with your partner, take advantage of it, we are all to busy with other things and our partner is the one thing  in our lives that never gets the attention they deserve.
 Men are hunters and women the attention of that hunt, it pays to notice the little things your partner does, wears,  everything about your partner, to busy most of the time, but days like to day are made for making a relationship stronger.
   The compliments and attention you give your partner have more meaning to our lives than most people give credit to. Your job, the other members of your family, everything that takes your attention away from your partner, is not important on rainy days. Show your partner some real interest in the things that matter to them and you will see a difference in how your partner treats you. Keep in touch

Monday, September 14, 2009

Relationship Blues

     Seems like old times, went out to mow the grass this morning and after a few pulls the cord broke, got me out of doing the yard, good thing, have to fix it, bad thing, maybe.
    Relationships get broke and have to be fixed, from time to time we need to get our hands dirty and see what happened to get us into the fix we are in. Only about thirty minutes to fix my mower but I will put that off until a later date, what is wrong in a relationship needs immediate attention or it may never be fixed. Sometimes we have to bite the bullet and admit that what happened was our fault, never easy to look wrong, but sometimes we are.
  Letting your partner know you blew it and how that makes you upset with yourself is a good thing, your partner has done stuff to, everybody screws up now and again. What we don`t want to do is try to find something the other person has done and use that to get their mind off the current issue, never works out.
 Takes a lot of give not take to make a relationship work, keep in touch

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Relationship Blues

Last night being unable to get to sleep my thoughts took me back to a girl I knew in highschool. I dated the same girl for two years in HS, what a waste of time, I should have been going out with lots of girls, hindsight. The one I dated steady I can never remember what she looks like, but this one I was thinking about last night I can see her as clearly as if I just left her. We were friends and I would give her a ride to school if we had an early meeting, she was real nice to me all the time and looking back we should have had a closer relationship. Wonder what she`s doing now.
 All of our past relationships led us to this point in our life, no matter how brief the time we spent with that person.Taking care of the relationship we are in now should be on the top of our list, if it`s not we have to get it there. Time is short and we have to make the most of every minute of every day. Keep in touch

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Relationship Blues E-Mail Contact

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Relationship Blues 2

When I stated that a womans role in a relationship was sex, sex, sex, That did not mean what every woman thinks it means. When you talk about sex women have a misguided claim that all men want is the act and get it done, so misguided. Men enjoy all the same levels of sex that a woman enjoys. Sight, set your sights on the one you want to be with, not how you compare to the pictures in the man-hater mags, how you look to him. That is a big part of sex to a man. Your body shape has very little to do with anything in a mans mind. Men like short ones, tall ones, you know the rest of it. Men think about sex every two minutes and thats when they are doing something that takes all of their attention.
The common mistake that women make is to worry to much about how their bodies compare to the hater mags models. What a waste of energy, when you could be putting that energy into your relationship.
Women think that a man only wants a playboy bunny, sure we check out all the pretty girls, but we check out all the girls. Just the same as women look at the handsome guys, why women get upset at this is a little hard to understand. All the thinking men do about having sex with the woman they just looked at will be used to your advantage because he will be eager to have sex, since you are his partner you benefit greatly.
If your sex life has cooled, and there are many reasons for this, rest assured that the man in the relationship is just as concerned about it as you are. Keep in touch

Keeping the Blues out of Your Relationship

Keeping the blues out of a relationship is the one thing that has been talked and written about for centuries, with a little work on both sides of the isle you can have a great time with your partner.
Give and take is easier said than done and it`s almost the same as saying if you give in your partner is gonna take,take,take! Not so after you read and meditate on the meaning a great relationship has in your life.
Women have a lot of power in a relationship and men don`t mind if thats the case. But just as power corrupts, absolute power- you know the rest. The female part in a relationship consists of three parts: sex,sex,sex.
The ways to cement that part of the relationship has been hindered by the man-haters that have taken the spotlight away from man loving women and been replaced with an idea of a women doing everything in her power to her power to run a man off. All of the mags women buy to get advice from about how to improve their relationship has just the opposite effect. Yet the insane mags make millions every year spilling out crazy advice year after year.
The first step women have to take is to get rid of all those mags that man-haters love selling and then sitting back watching all their advice fail, then next month all the women who haven`t had improvement in their relationship will buy another mag to see what they are doing wrong.
If your main concern is having a great relationship, keep in touch