Saturday, October 31, 2009

Relationship Blues

Just returned from a Halloween party with family members, my relationship with most of them is pretty good, like most families we have inlaws and outlaws all in the same family. Life is short so when it comes to family you find it really easy to overlook certain things.
Just moved to Texas from Florida where I got laid off and don`t have a real close relationship with some of the family members over here. So far everyone seems to be pretty good people, I know in some families that isn`t so, guess I`m blessed. It`s hard on people that don`t have the support of their family thru their lives, I feel for those in that position.
Going into the Holiday Season should be a time of joyfull reflection, my time will be spent with my loved ones as much as posible. If you don`t have family or close friends to spend the season with there are Churches, Charites, any number of groups that help people thru this time of year that would welcome additional hands for the work they are doing, keep in touch.

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