Monday, November 2, 2009

Relationship Blues

Being laidoff can be a real strain on a relationship, less money, unemployment only pays a portion of your former pay, loss of benefits, the uncertainty of when another job will open up, all take it`s toll. I have never seen the economy in such a mess, which we know the Federal Gov caused to happen by meddeling in the banking industry, forcing banks to make loans that the banks on their own would have never made to people who could not repay them, how anyone has missed that fact is beyond me, still way to many people think the banks had a choice in the matter.
For most people looking for jobs there just aren`t any in their areas, may not be any for another year or two. The people that voted for Obama are getting what they asked for, a change in America. America will bounce back to stronger economic times, it would happen faster if the gov would stay out of the free market system we have instead of trying to take over our economic system. Too many people think the gov should run everything even when you point out that the gov does a terrible job of running things and never within a budget. Two big examples, the Post Office and Amtrac, both just throwing money down the drain, but when the gov starts a program it will never admit they made a costly mistake and correct it they will just keep wasting money on the program.
Of course we all know the problem Washingtom has in looking after tax payer money, they show us time and again they could care less what the people think, what a shame.
For people looking for work, has many listings, please check it out if you have not heard of it.
We will slowly climb out of this mess and when we do maybe the people in Washington will not get us into another mess like this, keep in touch.

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