Sunday, November 29, 2009

Relationship Blues

For millions of us this Christmas we will not have the money to spend on gifts for the people we love like we have in the past. With the federal gov increasing taxes in the name of helping our country, doing just the opposite, we will have to pay more of our money to the gov which means we will be even poorer. How the people believe that making the US a gov controlled society is in our best interest is beyond me. Yet so many of us are willing to let the gov have more control over our lives.
Saw Michael Moore on Hannity a few nights ago and he thinks the US should give all the money the `workers,` that`s the American people that work and pay taxes, earn from there jobs to all the people in the rest of the world, we don`t need to keep any of the money we earn, the gov should take it and decide where to use it. He says that while admitting that he is a multi-millionare, the profits he has made trying to convince the American people that this is the worst country on the face of the Earth. What a guy Michael Moore is, making millions from a system he is trying to overthrow. He must really be laughing at us all the way to the bank as the saying goes. He still says the people of Cuba under Castro have a better life than the US citizens, it`s OK with me if he thinks that, it just surprises me that so many of my fellow Americans agree with him.
It`s hard enough on a relationship these days just trying to make ends meet. Now with Christmas, that`s what I called it, `Christmas coming up and so many of us in bad financial shape thanks to what the Federal Gov caused, we really have to say a prayer that the people in Washington will come to their senses and stop passing laws that hurt our great country, I know I`ll be praying for them, keep in touch.

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