Thursday, November 5, 2009

Relationship Blues

Shopping with my better half usually puts a strain on our relationship, we are so different in our way of getting things done. Today we went for groceries and we got thru it better than I expected. For those of us on a tight budget there is almost no place better to shop than Walmart, the prices are great and the super stores have everything you want, around the country Walmart has been given a bad rep. I think its the best place to shop for about eighty percent of what we need daily.
For people looking for work a great place to check out is Craigslist, the site has temp job offers all the way up to full time employment offers, some are no good but there are good postings. For temp work click the labor gigs. Don`t forget to click on the FREE site, all kinds of stuff is on there for free, some even have pics.
Until the economy picks up we have to get by the best we can, it will pick up just not soon enough for some of us. We should be careful not to let what`s happening with us moneywise become to big a strain on our relationship with our partner, we all know what stress money worries puts on a relationship. No easy answers on how to keep up a good relationship when the rest of your life is looking bleak, we just have to hand in until things get better, keep in touch.

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