Monday, November 16, 2009

Relationship Blues

Glad to see the government is on top of things, we really do have a problem with the students that attend government schools. A school in Mass has promised to suspend students that say the word `meep` a word that comes from the coyete cartoon, seems a freshman biology teacher feels it will lead to social unrest and cause the downfall of the American way of life. Another school suspended a female student for shaving her head to bring awareness to the type of cancer her father has, she got the idea from a celebrity that did it, both of these are examples of what the government can do and get away with.
I thought the government school system was more concerned with educating our children, seems it is mostly about controlling the masses. If the gov system really wanted to educate the children we would already have a voucher system in place, that is where you can send your child to any school of your choice, that will never happen because a voucher system would let the parents choose to send their kids to a school where they would be taught things like the constition, freedom of thought that the gov doesn`t want your children to have. If your child bucks the gov system they will be punished, glad our founding fathers bucked the English or we would be hailing a Queen now.
With all the Fed Gov is trying to do to stifle our economic system and take away individual liberties we should be convinced that a limited Federal Gov, like our founding fathers wanted, is the only way to go to ensure America stays the most free, envied country on Earth, keep in touch.

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