Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Relationship Blues

My partner and I love watching movies, some we watch together and others we watch alone, different tastes. The movie about David Frost interviewing Richard Nixon I watched alone, very good movie. Led me to research the movie a little, found out that the scene where Nixon calls Frost late at night was all Hollywood bull. I don`t understand why the people that make fact based movies are not more true to the facts, the movies would have the same impact without all the madeup scenes.
Oliver Stones movie about JFK is a great Hollywood movie, about the only truth in it was that Kennedy was killed in Dallas. I still catch it on sometimes and watch it again, even knowing that Stone was just making a movie not reporting history I would recomend it to anyone who hasn`t seen it before.
Our young people today act like everything on TV is fact, without researching true facts they are OK with taking what Hollywood renders and believing that to be the truth, that`s why politicians get away with outright lying on TV and no one calls them on it. Sad state of affairs when the young minds of our country don`t question what politicians are saying, more young people know more about reality shows on TV than what their Congressman and Senators are voting on in Washington, hope we will be alright, keep in touch.

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