Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Relationship Blues

Watched the pres and can`t believe all the people blindly following him when most of what he wants to get done in America hurts our country. The main theme today was four billion tax payer dollars earmarked for education, most people will not say anything about the money going to education, if you do say anything you are labeled antichildren. The Federal Gov blackmails the state by withholding fed money if the state doesn`t do what the Federal Gov wants.
The way its comes down this time is the states have to stop lumping teachers and students together when they are evaluated to see if the teachers are teaching and the students are learning. In plain English what the pres wants is to continue giving yearly raises to teachers even if the students they teach can`t read or write at their grade level, the teacher unions love this, I`m sure the money from the teachers union that was donated to the Obama campaign didn`t have anything to do with the decision by the Pres.
In my relationship with my partner we both agree that the gov educating our children ( all children) is not a good idea. Vouchers so the parents have a choice where their kids get educated seems to be a good idea. That will not happen under this pres, in fact he stopped the vouchers going to minorty students in the Washington, DC area who had no choice but to return to failing schools in DC. That showed how much he cared about the poor students in his area getting a good education and moving out of the poverty they are in.
The people that were so excited about Obama should have researched his political ideals before they jumped into his time for a change slogan without knowing what his intentions were. To late now, you get what you ask for in life sometimes, it`s not to late to correct what the pres has done, cooler heads will put a rein on his socialist agenda and the country will turn around and the economy will get back on track, keep in touch.

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