Saturday, November 7, 2009

Relationsip Blues

If you have ever accidently hit ESC on your keyboard you know how I felt earlier when at the end of my daily trip to my blog I missed the key I was aiming for and BAM, all was lost. You can never regain the same thought pattern you had earlier, you can come close but I find it`s better to just start over with whatever is on your mind at this time.
Halfway thru the weekend already, time just flies, been watching TV alot this weekend with my better half. Movies and the National Geographic channel during the day, tonight maybe some comedy. If you haven`t seen any Two and a Half men you are missing a great comedy show. That, Reba and Sienfeld, all reruns of course are what I hunt for in the comedy field. Unless HBO is running a comedy special, standups are some of the most entertaining viewing on the tube.
My partner for life enjoys Lfetime movies and I have watched my share with her, every once in awhile they have a really good one on, she likes about every one, me not so much. In our relationship we have learned to watch each others favorite type shows, we enjoy being together whatever we are doing. In a relationship 50/50 doesn`t always work out but at least it`s worth shooting for, keep in touch.

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