Thursday, November 19, 2009

Relationship Blues

For the people that are sure the government takeover of our healthcare system is the best thing since sliced bread, beware. Only a short time since the Congress has voted to approve the new law and already a gov panel has suggested that women delay having mammograms until they reach the age of fifty, no one on the panel is on the forefront of breast cancer, the women on medicare will be effected the most, that`s wright, the people that the gov heathcare plan was supposed to protect are already being told they will have to wait an additional TEN years to be covered for an exam that could save their lives.
The problem with gov control is there will be more and more gov related rules on the cost to actually save peoples lives. England and France, who Michael Moore touts as great examples of gov run healthcare systems already weight the cost of saving peoples lives, their govs decide if it`s worth the money to save a life or not, people on waiting lists for years for treatments that could save their life. How American citizens still want the gov control when there is no good example of a gov system that works for the good of the people, I will never understand, yet there are a number of people that really want the gov to take over healthcare.
I believe the people in Washington will see how wrong having the gov take over healthcare is and will do their duty to look out for the American people and stop this madness, keep in touch.

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