Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Relationship Blues

The Kennedy`s come from Mass, no wonder they were so popular there, with all the nuts in that state. Bad enough when the Mass residents decided that you could not keep score in kids soccer games because the losing teams feelings might get hurt, no gain to coming in first place rather just let everybody play no matter if they had the skill or not. Everything in life is not for everybody, we all have different talents and to excell at one talent we have to shy away from another, nothing wrong with that.
Now in the great state of Mass Christmas is out in another school. You can`t even have red and white wraping paper because they don`t want anything to do with Christmas. I guess we have let the crazies take over just about every school system in the country.
The pres says we are not a Christian nation any longer, we are, I guess the gov is trying to rewrite history and since the gov has controll of what the children are taught in the gov schools it is all the more important we teach our children at home what this country was founded for. And teach our kids we must or they will grow up believing everything the gov tells them without question. I teach my child to question everything, don`t just take what someone says as fact without them having the facts, the truth, to back it up.
If we teach our children to always seek the truth and stand up for it when they find it we will be a better, stronger America, keep in touch.

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