Monday, November 9, 2009

Relationship Blues

Checking out some other sites on the relationship issue it seems that articles about cheating are a top issue. One says cheaters are mostly men, the other says women, all we can get from so many articles is that there is a lot of unfaithful people out there. Men and women of high moral fiber, I believe most of us are we just hear about the bad stuff more than the good. If you have been cheated on you are in no mood to hear that you are in a minority of honest faithful partners. When it comes to guess which person will cheat on their partner you can never really tell.
If we keep our relationship with our partner the number one spot on list of things we should do we will be able to have confidence in them that they will not stray in that department.
No one has all the answers but a partner with a good solid foundation in their belief in the Good Book is a start. My partner is a believer and it will rub off on you, kinds of gives you a sense that there is a greater source out there than what we can come up with on our own. We should beware of false teachings when it comes to matters of the heart. Hollywood promotes a certain lifestyle that we know is on the wrong side of the tracks, why this happens we all know.
Sad to say but once you have been cheated on the trust you have in your partner is over, some people think we can forgive and forget, not true. If you can`t trust your partner nothing else in the relationship will work either, best to move on before what you feel eats you up inside and you waste more good years on a losing cause, keep in touch.

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