Saturday, October 31, 2009

Relationship Blues

Been awhile, in a relationship you will have many ups and downs, lately mine has had some bad news about family. My sister in laws mother was told she has lung cancer, what devestating news, everyone is upset, you can imagine. We have a large family and everyone has had a death that effected them.
We have the choice to go through life alone, most people don`t, or get in relationships where we become close with many people. Letting people in our lives is rewarding but also opens us up to the bad things that happen to our loved ones, all part of life, Garth said it best in `The Dance,` if you are not familiar with the song please check it out. Death is a natural part of life, if you are a believer you are OK with it, we know there is a life after our bodies fail. It doesn`t keep us from being hurt when a loved one dies, we will miss them every day.
Understanding that time is short here on Earth we should embrace our loved ones and let them know how much they mean to us, not get caught up in the many unimportant things that come up in our lives.
We should always remember to tell and show the people in our lives the way we feel, keep in touch.

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