Sunday, October 18, 2009

Relationship Blues

Winter is fast upon us, in the south it`s in the forties at night already, I for one do not like winter, some people do. My partner and daughter are sick already hope I don`t get it, slim chance. Trouble all over the place, hope not in your relationship with your partner, Rush got kicked off the investment group to buy the Rams, too many people have unjustly labeled him a racist because he speaks his convictions about the people in politics whether they are black or white, if you are going against the US he will let you know he is not going down without a fight, most of what he says everyone knows is the truth, to much PC.
I follow politics closely because what the gov does directly affects our lives, wish more people kept up with what the Washington crowd has in store for the citizens, the founding fathers told us to not let the Federal gov get to much power, since we didn`t heed their warning we are gonna pay for that with more gov intrusion in our lives.
Enough about that, with everyone sick around me and wanting to sleep all the time till they are back on track I`ve got some free time to read, if you enjoy reading like I do, you will take advantage of any free time to read up on things. Got a book last week on Thomas Jefferson, Hope more people read books about our founding fathers, it gives you a sense of pride to know we are in a country that was founded on individual liberties and limited gov control, we have gotten away from those beginings some but with a little work the citizens of the greatest country on Earth will see a trend start to head back in the right direction, keep in touch.

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