Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Relationship Blues

Watched Michael Moores Sico and he has some valid points about healthcare in the US, but as always people that don`t like our country will in the end show you. He raved about how much better healthcare is in Cuba, guess he believes it, I just don`t know about a country that just last year approved 900 microwaves to be used by the public because the government was afraid if everybody could have a microwave at home it might cause civil unrest.
We have enough going on in our lives, the kooks in the country and the people that can`t think for themselves should just leave everybody else alone and start taking care of their families, it`s hard enough for us to take care of our partners and family without having to look after the people that will not do what it takes to better themselves, the good ole US has plenty of government programs for college, trade schools, just abut any way you want to get the skills you need to better your lot in life. Can`t say I really want to pay higher taxes to support people that just want to have the best things in life handed to them, Americans believe you have the God given right to go out and get things done.
My partner and I believe it is up to us to set the bar high and try to reach our goals, sure there are some things that are not within our reach at this time but we keep striving to better ourselves, you really can`t be happy having things handed to you, people that expect that way of life will never be happy no matter how much is given to them.
Having a partner that is willing to work with you towards improving your life is the best way to achieve what you want in life, keep in touch.

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