Sunday, October 4, 2009

Relationship Blues

Watched the show about how the government spent 12 million dollars to put Tommy Chong in prison for nine months for selling bongs over the internet, from the Cheech and Chong pot movies, seems a little overkill to me. We can`t do much about what the government does it seems, sad but true.
We can do some things to make our relationship with our partner better and we should always be thinking of ways to improve our relationship. Doing the same stuff day in and day out will get pretty stale, we need to try new ways to show our partner how important they are to us. You know your partner better than anyone, it`s up to you to come up with ideas that you think your partner would like, the important thing is to try and do something different, your partner will know why you are trying new things and they will enjoy a change of pace, keep in touch.

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