Saturday, October 10, 2009

Relationship Blues

Hear our pres got awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for what I`m not sure, glad me and my partner are on the same page as far as what we feel is good for the country. Having different ideas about how our country should be ran probably is hard on a relationship, glad I don`t have to find out. Don`t do much about politics, every body these days is just real sensitive when it comes to our Pres. I just hope the country can get back on track and all the people out of work will find work again. Money problems can cause big trouble in a relationship.
Since the unemployment rate is so high there must be tons of relationships being tested at this time. Keeping each other on track in a relationship is sometimes hard enough just with everyday bull going on, your job, kids, relatives, everything that is part of life, without having money problems thrown in to. To all the men and women who got shafted in this economic downturn please keep your heads up, this is America and we will turn things around, keep in touch.

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