Saturday, October 3, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Just got thru reading " 11 Reasons He Dumped You" on Yahoo. We have all had relationships that didn`t work out and there are many reasons why they ended. I believe that there is a soulmate for everyone and all the things that happen do so for a reason. Lots of people laugh at that train of thought, seems to me everything works out in time.
   In our society instant gratification is very important. The old timers knew that everything that that was worth having was worth working for, some things take work. A relationship takes work to make it last, not hard work but you do have to be concerned about someone else besides yourself. Thinking about your partners needs should be at the top of our list, we have many things that are important to us but without a partner to share our life with all the stuff we do will not satisfy us.
  Human beings are not set up to go thru life alone, we are made up of a need to have a partner. A good thing. Finding that partner takes time and alot of the time we are searching for the perfect partner we settle for some one who just isn`t right for us. We know when we haven`t found the right partner pretty quick.
   Once you do find the partner just for you, you`ll know it, what a good feeling that is, keep in touch.

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