Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Relationship Blues

The most important part of a relationship is honesty. Without you being honest with your partner and they with you, not much will become of your relationship. Nothing, looks, how you treat each other, nothing is as important as the honesty you have with your partner. Our partner will be able to handle whatever happens in our lives as long as we are honest with them about our lives. Trying to shield your partner from the facts of life will backfire on you, no one likes to have another person decide for them what what they can be made aware of. Trust in your partner to be able to understand the things in our life and our partner will be there to help us thru the rough times.
Most of the times our relationship with our partner will be smooth sailing, but every once in a while we get in rough seas, during those times we should let our partner in on what caused the problem and what we are doing to correct it. Everyone makes bad choices from time to time, when we realize we have made a bad choice we should work to correct the bad decision, then put it behind us and get on with our lives, keep in touch.

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