Sunday, October 11, 2009

Relationship Blues

In a relationship it is very important to take care of your partner when they are under the weather, my partner has a bad tooth and we all know the kind of pain that causes, loud noises, just moving around, everything makes you misserable because of the pain. Monday morning we will be at the dentist office.
Taking care of your partner like they would take care of you builds on a stronger relationship, we all have times we really need a strong partner to take care of everything that we can`t when we are not up to par. Keeping up your end of the relationship when your partner is out of service gives you a real feeling of devotion to your relationship. Seeing your partner suffer and nothing you can really do to stop the pain makes you feel helpless, all you can do is try and keep them comfortable the best you can until the pain passes, keep in touch.

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