Sunday, October 11, 2009

Relationship Blues

The weekend is over and it`s back at it in the morning. At least for those of us that still have a job, been reading alot today on other blogs and it seems there are alot of people interested in why relationships fail. Lots of reasons given, more people today blame it on the economic condition of our country,a few years ago I guess they used another scapegoat for their relationship failure. It takes alot of work to make a good relationship, if you want your partner to stay with you through thick and thin you have to make sure your partner knows how important they are to you. You must do this everyday, not just with words but with the way you treat your partner.
Even though times are hard for quite a few of us that doesn`t give us an excuse to mistreat our partner and put the blame of our economic conditions on their shoulders, times will straighten out soon and our partner, if treated fairly, will still be there to reap the benefits of better times, keep in touch.

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