Monday, October 12, 2009

Relationship Blues

Had a relative go thru a five hour surgery today, everything went well, going thru that lengthly of an operation is scary for the friends and family waiting to see the outcome. It`s rough on the patient but since they are knocked out during the surgery their relief comes latter. Sitting around in a waiting room for hours gives you plenty of time to think about all sorts of things. Mainly how fortunate you are if your health and the health of your closest loved ones is ok. At the time being my health and my partners health is up to par. So many people are in poor health we should feel blessed to be in relatively good health and we do.
The old saying you never miss what you have until it`s gone is true. We get so comfortable in our relationship that we never consider our partner not being there. I know how busy we all are just trying to keep up, much less getting ahead. It is easy to overlook something we need more than anything else in our lives, our partners, keep in touch.

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