Friday, October 2, 2009

Realtionship Blues

   Glad the weekend is here, hectic week as always. Movie weekend for us, mostly the same theme, boy meets girl, they like each other then the guy does something stupid and the girl never wants to see him again. By the end of the movie she sees that she is in love and everything works out. Kind of like our lives.We meet the person that we want to have as our partner for life, at first everything goes great, then comes a little rocky road and we think we may have made a mistake. After a little time we get back on track.
    Guys are hard to settle down to a one partner relationship, just the way it is. Not sure of the reason, maybe guys think if they give up the freedom of being single they will lose all their freedom, not true. Being with one partner gets better over time. After you and your partner have been together for a while, a good while, you will have moments when you can recall really happy times in your relationship, knowing that what you are going thru at this time in your relationship will someday be looked back on as another happy time with your partner will help us keep doing the things we should to keep our partner happy, keep in touch.

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