Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Your words can get you in alot of trouble if you speak in the heat of the moment. We should have a time delay before we speak when we are upset like they do on live radio, it sure would help to keep us out of hot water with our partner. Words thrown out when you are angry can never be unspoke, how we wish they could be.
   These times in our relationships cause harm untold, when we utter mean things to our partner it is usually a buildup of lots of  little things in our lives that go unchecked. We are emotion driven creatures and once our emotions run wild it seems we have no control.
   Feeling regret after  mean words are spoken has to be taken one step further and put into action, we have to tell our partner how deeply sorry we are for having said the things we said. It will not replace the hurt those words caused but it may start us on the road to forgiveness, keep in touch.

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