Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Relationship Blues

  Hump-day, half-time, God I`m glad it`s almost over day, whatever you call it it`s here. So far we have`nt accomplished everything we had hoped but at least we got some of the stuff done. Giving it the old college try works with most things in our lives but in a relationship almost just isn`t good enough.
    Every day we can find something kind and good in our partner and we should let them know how much it means to have them in our lives. Our lives will not slow down and let us have the time freely to notice how great of a partner we have so we must put the breaks on once in a while and show our partner just how much them being in our lives really means. Flowers, gifts, both good but the best way to show that person is to just tell them that you are glad they chose you to be with, keep in touch

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