Saturday, September 12, 2009

Relationship Blues 2

When I stated that a womans role in a relationship was sex, sex, sex, That did not mean what every woman thinks it means. When you talk about sex women have a misguided claim that all men want is the act and get it done, so misguided. Men enjoy all the same levels of sex that a woman enjoys. Sight, set your sights on the one you want to be with, not how you compare to the pictures in the man-hater mags, how you look to him. That is a big part of sex to a man. Your body shape has very little to do with anything in a mans mind. Men like short ones, tall ones, you know the rest of it. Men think about sex every two minutes and thats when they are doing something that takes all of their attention.
The common mistake that women make is to worry to much about how their bodies compare to the hater mags models. What a waste of energy, when you could be putting that energy into your relationship.
Women think that a man only wants a playboy bunny, sure we check out all the pretty girls, but we check out all the girls. Just the same as women look at the handsome guys, why women get upset at this is a little hard to understand. All the thinking men do about having sex with the woman they just looked at will be used to your advantage because he will be eager to have sex, since you are his partner you benefit greatly.
If your sex life has cooled, and there are many reasons for this, rest assured that the man in the relationship is just as concerned about it as you are. Keep in touch

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