Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Relationship Blues

   Rainy days, I love them, the rain refreshes the ground and keeps life flowing. Perfect day to spend some time with your partner, take advantage of it, we are all to busy with other things and our partner is the one thing  in our lives that never gets the attention they deserve.
 Men are hunters and women the attention of that hunt, it pays to notice the little things your partner does, wears,  everything about your partner, to busy most of the time, but days like to day are made for making a relationship stronger.
   The compliments and attention you give your partner have more meaning to our lives than most people give credit to. Your job, the other members of your family, everything that takes your attention away from your partner, is not important on rainy days. Show your partner some real interest in the things that matter to them and you will see a difference in how your partner treats you. Keep in touch

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