Monday, September 14, 2009

Relationship Blues

     Seems like old times, went out to mow the grass this morning and after a few pulls the cord broke, got me out of doing the yard, good thing, have to fix it, bad thing, maybe.
    Relationships get broke and have to be fixed, from time to time we need to get our hands dirty and see what happened to get us into the fix we are in. Only about thirty minutes to fix my mower but I will put that off until a later date, what is wrong in a relationship needs immediate attention or it may never be fixed. Sometimes we have to bite the bullet and admit that what happened was our fault, never easy to look wrong, but sometimes we are.
  Letting your partner know you blew it and how that makes you upset with yourself is a good thing, your partner has done stuff to, everybody screws up now and again. What we don`t want to do is try to find something the other person has done and use that to get their mind off the current issue, never works out.
 Takes a lot of give not take to make a relationship work, keep in touch

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