Sunday, September 13, 2009

Relationship Blues

Last night being unable to get to sleep my thoughts took me back to a girl I knew in highschool. I dated the same girl for two years in HS, what a waste of time, I should have been going out with lots of girls, hindsight. The one I dated steady I can never remember what she looks like, but this one I was thinking about last night I can see her as clearly as if I just left her. We were friends and I would give her a ride to school if we had an early meeting, she was real nice to me all the time and looking back we should have had a closer relationship. Wonder what she`s doing now.
 All of our past relationships led us to this point in our life, no matter how brief the time we spent with that person.Taking care of the relationship we are in now should be on the top of our list, if it`s not we have to get it there. Time is short and we have to make the most of every minute of every day. Keep in touch

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