Saturday, September 12, 2009

Keeping the Blues out of Your Relationship

Keeping the blues out of a relationship is the one thing that has been talked and written about for centuries, with a little work on both sides of the isle you can have a great time with your partner.
Give and take is easier said than done and it`s almost the same as saying if you give in your partner is gonna take,take,take! Not so after you read and meditate on the meaning a great relationship has in your life.
Women have a lot of power in a relationship and men don`t mind if thats the case. But just as power corrupts, absolute power- you know the rest. The female part in a relationship consists of three parts: sex,sex,sex.
The ways to cement that part of the relationship has been hindered by the man-haters that have taken the spotlight away from man loving women and been replaced with an idea of a women doing everything in her power to her power to run a man off. All of the mags women buy to get advice from about how to improve their relationship has just the opposite effect. Yet the insane mags make millions every year spilling out crazy advice year after year.
The first step women have to take is to get rid of all those mags that man-haters love selling and then sitting back watching all their advice fail, then next month all the women who haven`t had improvement in their relationship will buy another mag to see what they are doing wrong.
If your main concern is having a great relationship, keep in touch

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