Saturday, December 26, 2009

Relationship Blues

Christmas is over, hope everyone had a blessed day, my family did. Not as many presents this year but the spirit was with us.
Wednesday my wife and I go to an orientation for our new job, there for many months I had my doubts about finding a job anytime soon. Low paying job but at least it`s work, when the economy picks up I plan on finding a better job, at this time I`m thankful for any employment. If you are unemployed please hang in there and keep looking, something is bound to turn up, maybe as in my case not a very good something, but something.
Obama sure is making it hard on American citizens, how the people voted a socialist minded man for President I`ll never figure out.Everything Obama is trying to get done in Washington is hurtful to our nation, more and more people are seeing this and hopefully it`s not to late to turn the tide towards more American minded policies than his beloved socialist policies, we can only pray, and VOTE.
When the truth was put out for everyone to see about the total lies the Global Warming bunch were stating as fact, seems like that would have put a halt to Obama and his idea to give American taxpayer money to other countries, hasn`t stopped a bit of it. Sooner rather than later the folks in Washington are going to wake up and listen to the American people and stop wasting our money, if they don`t then they will find themselves out of a job.
Lets not forget it was the foolish Washington leaders, like Barney Frank, that forced the banks to make all those bad loans to people that couldn`t pay them back that got us in this mess to begin with. Banks were turning down people for house loans if they didn`t have good credit, an old law on the books stated that Congress had the power to force the banks to approve loans to poor people, they used the law to force banks to make bad loans and this caused the mess we are in now. Barney Franks boyfriend made a bunch of money while Barney Frank was selling the country down the river, how he feels no remorse for his actions is beyond me,things will have to turn around pretty fast to help America, keep in touch.

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