Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Relationship Blues

Been awhile, busy with the Christmas Season, hope everyone has a merry Christmas.
Haven`t found a job yet but Keep trying, one`s gonna come along soon I pray.
People that listened to the lying gov`t, Michael Moore, Al Gore, all have been proven to be liars on the Global Warming Issue. Most people that use their brain instead of letting someone else think for them knew that the Global Warming scare was just a tactic to let the gov`t get more control and money from American citizens.
A new tactic being used is to declare that climate control problems hurt women more than men. Women in this country should be outraged that the people that promote the Global Warming Threat think American women are to dumb to realize they are being taken advantage of.
At first the late night talk show hosts were all for Obama and thought his socialist agenda was great, seems they have come to their senses and put Obama in their line of fire. Even leftwing extremist Bill Marr, who stated that he wouldn`t trust the fed gov`t about the flu shot, has started to use Obama in his opening act. Bill Marr is a highly talented and smart man, I watch him every chance I get. He keeps conservatives on their toes and encourages us to be able to back up what we say, thanks Bill and continued success.
With Christmas coming soon I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and pray that the troubles will be over soon, keep in touch.

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