Friday, January 1, 2010

Relationship Blues

First day of the new year, hope the people that have had a rough year find 2010 easier on them. I was a truck driver until the economy fell, unemployed since July 1, finally got a low paying job but thankful for even that, truck companies are closing their doors all over America, I`ll get back into driving when the economy picks up. If you are still unemployed try to keep things together the best you can, 15 million unemployed and more on the way.
This should be a warning of things to come if Obama gets all his socialist plans inacted. How so many Americans still back him is beyond me, there is a way to get the economy going again, let the free market system work, the fed gov`t wants you and I to pay more and more taxes so the Fed govt can hire more employees and Obama can send our tax money to other countries, if he keeps this up it will take years to get our economy going. Of course that`s his plan, destroy America as a free country and have the Fed Govt in complete control of every American citizen.
All the people that voted for Obama have only themselves to blame for the continued mess we are in, they wanted a change, this is what they voted for. Free minded Americans will make the tough choices that have to be made to get our country out of the hands of people that show you every day how they hate America and what America stands for.
For the people that voted for Obama and now regret their actions, please VOTE, help remove this threat to the American way of life, when election time rolls around again vote for America, we will get through this, keep in touch.

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