Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Relationship Blues

Merry Christmas to all, peace on Earth.
Two days left until the big day, more important to kids for the gifts they will get, more important for the rest of us to reflect on the life of Christ and what that means to each one of us.
So much bad going on in our country and the world it`s easy to see why most people feel the Book of Revelation is upon us. Something to think about if you are not right with God.
As for what`s happening in Washington there seems to be a coming together of the minds that the socialist agenda of Obama doesn`t have as much support of the citizens of America as they thought, where they got the notion we would just roll over and let the Socialist movement take over America is beyond me. Obama and his kind must think the American Spirit is dead, what a mistaken thought.
Thank God for America and the fellow citizens that believe in God and America, the way of life America stands for, the freedoms we demand, yet we should still pray for our enemies that they will have a change of heart and come to their senses before it is to late for them, keep in touch.

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